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What's In A Name

by Pamela Wilfinger

The premiere episode of NBC's Mad About You this season dealt with the naming of the Buchman's first child.

Unfortunately (and I mean no offense to others with this name!!!), they chose a name that is sure to lead their daughter into numerous encounters of teasing in grade school - Mabel.

Mabel? In 1997?

There has GOT to be other names they could have chosen.

New parents have the tough job of finding the perfect name for their child. Authors and pet owners feel similar strains from this exercise.

But now, there are resources on the Web that can help you.

Do you want your children to have these popular names?

  1. Michael
  2. Matthew
  3. Jacob
  4. Christopher
  5. Nicholas
  6. Joshua
  7. Austin
  8. Zachary
  9. Tyler
  10. Joseph
  1. Kaitlyn
  2. Emily
  3. Sarah
  4. Ashley
  5. Jessica
  6. Brianna
  7. Alexis
  8. Megan
  9. Rachel
  10. Taylor

Or are you determined to go beyond these common choices?

Check out these sites for help:

P. Wilfinger aka LdyEndless@aol.com
Editor, Afterthoughts

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