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EasyScopes is an index and search engine for free horoscopes and astrology information and services. The site contains direct links to the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes for your zodiac sign. You just have to select your zodiac sign and you are presented with a large list of horoscopes which are published by independent astrologers, newspapers and large online companies.

The EasyScopes project started in early December 1995. On a Friday night, I didn't know where to surf on the Internet and so I thought I could try to find my horoscope online.

That's where the problem started: there were not very many horoscope and astrology sites and they were hard to find. Yahoo had only a couple of sites listed and there were no indices specialized in this field. Lycos was the search engine of choise at that time and contained around 1 million pages. Then AltaVista came up and indexed even more. Now Google is the standard. However it is still not easy to get a full listing of horoscope and astrology sites.

The EasyScopes site began as a bookmark list of my favorite horoscope and astrology sites. It grew with every site that I visited. I thought many people would also be interested in this topic. My bookmarks were posted online on the server of my father's Internet business. The bookmark list became very popular in a short time. At that stage, I decided to change the layout to group all links for each zodiac sign. This gives you fast and easy access to your personal horoscope.

The site has undergone several redesigns and I wasn't able to spent a lot of time on it because of my higher education. However I managed to release EasyScopes Version 2.0 on June 10th, 1996. That date counts as the official site launch, as I registered the easyscopes.com domain name. Right now, you see the 9th incarnation of EasyScopes (also known as EasyScopes version 9.0). This latest release was created to adjust to the constant change in the Internet world. This release makes it easier to manage the pages and also to load much faster on slow Internet connections while providing an easy to use interface and nice appeal to visitors of all age groups.

There are still many things I like to add to the site, however there are only 24 hours in a day. You might want to sign up for the newsletter to find out when new horoscope sites are added or any other feature becomes available.

By the way, EasyScopes is a registered trademark of Euregio.Net AG. Euregio.Net is an Internet access provider, online entertainment producer, web hosting company and new media marketing service. So if you have any needs in these fields, don't hesitate to contact us.

And while I'm giving kudos to the people who help to run EasyScopes, I'd like to add, that this site is made possible by our sponsors. Please check out the advertisements on the site: there's something for everybody!

Once again, thank you very much for visiting EasyScopes. I hope you are enjoying your visit. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards;

Jochen "Joe" Savelberg

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