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Birthdays for 13th of June

Ally Sheedy1962New York New York
Actress, films include "Bad Boys", "Maid to Order", "Only the Lonely", published children's book "She Was Nice to Mice" 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Gemini
Tim Allen1953Denver Colorado
Actor, age 11 father killed in car accident, drugs, prison, "Jungle2Jungle", "The Santa Clause", TV's "Home Improvement" 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Gemini
Richard Thomas1951New York New York
Actor, director, writer, John Boy on "The Waltons", films include "The Red Badge of Courage", "Glory Glory" 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Aries
Paul Lynde1926Mount Vernon Ohio
Actor, self-deprecating wit, guest on 200+ TV shows, Uncle Arthur on TV's "Bewitched", never married, died 1982 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Leo
Donald Budge1915Oakland California
Tennis player, first to win "grand slam" winning 4 most important men's championships in the same year of 1938 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Gemini
Luis W Alvarez1911San Francisco California
Nobel Prize in Physics 1968, in 1980 he and his son published theory on extinction of dinosaurs by meteor collision 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Taurus
Aly Khan1911Turin > Torino Italy
Son of Aga Khan III, Pakistanti representative to U.N., married Rita Hayworth in 1949, died in car crash 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Libra
Basil Rathbone1892Johannesburg South Africa
Actor, best known for his role as Sherlock Holmes in such films as "The Hounds of the Baskervilles" 1939 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Aries
William Yeats1865Dublin Ireland
Great English-language poet of the 20th century, committed to the cause of Irish national identity, Nobel Prize 1923 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Aquarius

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Famous Birthdays for Sunday, 13th of June, 2021:

Ally Sheedy (1962), Tim Allen (1953), Richard Thomas (1951), Paul Lynde (1926), Donald Budge (1915),...

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