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Birthdays for 22nd of July

David Spade1965Birmingham Michigan
Comedian, actor, regular on TV's "Saturday Night Live" and new series "Just Shoot Me", films include "Tommy Boy" 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Cancer
Willem Dafoe1955Appleton Wisconsin
Actor, one of 8 children, once typecast as demented youth, films include "Platoon" 1986, member of Wooster Group in SoHo 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Cancer
Danny Glover1947San Francisco California
Actor, films include "The Color Purple", "Lethal Weapon" and its sequels, "Predator 2", strong pleasing personality 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Cancer
Orson Bean1928Burlington Vermont
Actor, witty entertainer, game show guest, films inc. "Anatomy of a Murder" 1959, "The Hobbit" 1977, "Instant Karma" 1990 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Virgo
Bob Bergland1928Roseau Minnesota
Representative of National Farmer's Union 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Scorpio
Robert J. Dole1923Russell Kansas
Kansas Senator, declared candidacy April 14, 1995, Gerald Ford's running mate in 1976 and 1988 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Taurus
Charles Weidman1901Lincoln Nebraska
Dancer, one of the three leaders of modern dance revolution in the '30s, with Martha Graham and Doris Humphrey 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer - Ascendant: Gemini
Rose Kennedy1890Boston Massachusetts
Wife of Joseph Kennedy, mother of 9 children including John F., Robert and Edward 
Zodiac Sign: Leo - Ascendant: Aries

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Famous Birthdays for Monday, 22nd of July, 2019:

David Spade (1965), Willem Dafoe (1955), Danny Glover (1947), Orson Bean (1928), Bob Bergland (1928),...

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