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Horoscope for Taurus

Information for Taurus

April 20 to May 20

Quality:Fixed Ruler:Venus
Duality:Feminine Element:Earth

Keywords: Stubborn, Stable, Cautious, Comfort-seeker, Deliberate, Slow

Taurus Horoscopes:

Sun Sign Characteristics for Taurus:

As the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus represents the second stage in the evolution of man and his place in the universe. The first thing man uses are his physical senses. What he can see, touch, and physically hold represents the reality of his position. It is why the celestial heritage of Taureans is to conserve physical resources and possessively cling to people whom they regard as their own. Their strongest desire is for personal security. Broken promises or the betrayal of others are threats to this security. Their reaction to such personal affronts is likely to be bitter, and those who inflict such abuses will not be given another chance. Disappointed Taureans can behave in a manner totally against their own best interests. They may completely retreat from the world, or, go in the opposite direction and become promiscuous. Whatever direction is taken, they may end up sacrificing the meaningful, enduring relationships they really need to feel emotionally secure. Full zodiac sign characteristics...

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    Weekly Horoscope for Taurus by Deborah Browning:

    Your Astrologer Dear Taurus, this week is pivotal for you with Mars and Uranus joining forces in your sign. This alignment beckons a bold step forward in personal or professional realms. Whether it's a career leap or a radical lifestyle change, the energy is ripe for swift and decisive action. On July 18, the Sun sextiling Uranus underscores your independence, urging you to embrace unconventional methods or solutions. As the week progresses, Mars' sextile to Neptune enhances your spiritual pursuits, connecting your actions with deeper intuitive insights. By the week's end, Venus' sextile to Jupiter offers a delightful boost to your social life and creative expression, ensuring any transitions you make are not only bold but also beneficial. Read your full weekly horoscope...

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